Aluminium Doors

We use high-end, premium materials in every product, and our team are experts in their fields. Our professional staff can guide you on the best aluminium door products for your requirements ensuring you get strong, value for money, and energy efficient door solutions.

Our aluminium and glass doors come in a choice of systems, finishes and glass options that offer exceptional benefits. Our doors are low maintenance, tough and durable, finished with a powder coat colour that endures without fading. An occassional wash is all thats required to showcase our door products at its best.

image of an aluminium entrance door
icon illustrating the various powder coat finishes available for our aluminium doors

Selection of Finishes

The durability of powder coating on our products hold up against harsh climatic conditions and ensures the aluminium doors from alu-outfitters are protected from corrosion. The powder coat finish is low maintenace and requires only simple clean to maintain its vibrant colour.

All our products are available in 5 standard colours, bronze, white, black, natural silver and charcoal. With this you are likely to find the most suitable powder coat finish for your home

icon illustrating the various aluminium door systems available

Choice of Systems

At Alu-Outfitters we fabricate custom size Folding, Sliding, Pivot or Hinged Doors. Our variety of systems allows us to fabricate doors to suit either residential homes or commercial applications. Choosing the right door system for your project means you get the best value for your money.

Alu-Outfitters is a great place to start looking at options available to you. We will take care of measurements and provide a free quote well before you make any commitments.

icon illustrating the various glazing technologies available to our aluminium doors

Glazing Technology

With a wide array of glazing options comes a wide array of benefits. Glazing technology has allowed improvements in energy efficiency, thermal comfort in the home, protection of your homes furnishings from the fading effects of UV radiation, and more.

With this we are able to transform our customers homes and businesses and our expertise means we can pair your home with the perfect aluminium door or window solutions.

Fit your new age doors with new age glass

Smart glass options that reduce energy losses in the home, make the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Double glazing units will reduce outside sound interferences through the door, improve solar energy control and minimize condensation

image of an aluminium front door

Aluminium Hinged Door

Choose between stable doors, french doors and entrance doors, these doors form part of our hinged door collection and are fabricated using only the most reliable and trusted inputs the market has to offer. You can choose to customize your hinged door design or choose from our catalogue.

Our Hinged Doors

image of an aluminium folding door

Aluminium Folding Doors

Our aluminium folding doors are manufactured from the finest materials on the market, ensuring a tough, durable end product that instantly lifts the look and feel of your home. Our aluminium sliding folding doors glides open frictionless and light to the touch. Your home has never taken a breath until it's been fitted with our aluminium folding doors. Our sliding folding doors will increase natural light, air quality and ventilation into your home,

Our Folding Doors

image of an aluminium sliding door

Aluminium Sliding Doors

We offer a range of sliding doors, available in a variety of colours. Be it for the home or for a commercial application. We have got you covered. Our sliding doors glides effortlessly along their track, easy to clean and maintain, they maximise views to the outside, and allow copious amounts of light to enter through them.

Our Sliding Doors