Aluminium Folding Windows

Sliding folding windows also known as stack away windows or folding windows, are windows made-up of several panels that stack to the sides of the window reveals to completely open the space when opened.

They are a great way to open up access to the outside environment, which also makes the travel of fresh air through the home seamless. They also allow an increase in natural light into the home, which brightens up the home.

Folding windows also creates an alluring modernized look and feel to any home. So if a modernized upgrade to your home is what you after, then aluminium folding windows is the right choice for you and your home.

image of an opened up aluminium folding window
image of a closed aluminium folding window

Our Aluminium Sliding Folding Windows

Our aluminium folding windows are fabricated using the highest grade extrusions on the market, giving them superior strength and durability. Our aluminium folding windows operate silent and seamless, light and measured to the touch, for easy open and closed gliding accross the track.

Our Stack windows come in a variety of colours, to help you match your home style. Our systems are built-to-measure, to fit your home like a glove.

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Typical Folding Window Configurations

illustration of a 2 panel folding or stacker window

2 Panel Sliding Folding Window

illustration of a 3 panel aluminium folding or stacker window

3 Panel Sliding Folding Window

illustration of a 4 panel aluminium folding or stacker window

4 Panel Sliding Folding Window


Our aluminium window and door finishes come in a variety of colors for you to choose from, making it possible for these frames to match the style of any home. You are also welcome to request a sample of the colour you want before committing to anything.
It's free of charge, so why would you not just ask?