Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium Sliding Doors open horizontally, usually with one panel fixed and another panel sliding. This style of door provides lots of fresh air and copious amounts of natural light, and is a great way to connect your indoor space to your outdoor surroundings.

When selecting Aluminium Sliding doors, one consideration to take into mind is the width of the opening that you intend on installing the sliding door, this opening will ultimately be the deciding factor for the amount of panels to be used on your sliding door. you can select from two or more panels on your sliding door for wider openings.

modern aluminium sliding door
4 panel modern aluminium sliding door

Why choose our aluminium sliding doors

Our range of Aluminium Sliding Doors glides effortlessly accross its roller track. Despite its seamless operation, our aluminium sliding doors are tough and durable and designed to keep the outside, outside. Designed to withstand South Africas sometimes harsh coastal conditions, sun, rain and even Port Elizabeth's famous windy conditions are no match.

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Typical Sliding Door Configurations

2 panel aluminium sliding door

2 Panel Sliding Door

2 panel multi aluminium sliding door

2 Multi-Panel Sliding Door

3 panel aluminium sliding door

3 Panel Sliding Door

3 panel multi aluminium sliding door

3 Multi-Panel Sliding Door


Our aluminium window and door finishes come in a variety of colors for you to choose from, making it possible for these frames to match the style of any home. You are also welcome to request a sample of the colour you want before committing to anything.
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