Aluminium Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are the most common door types in use. Aluminium hinged doors offer up a great way for home owners to add that extra bit of light into the home and when coupled with sidelights allow even more light into the home.

Aluminium Hinged doors offer you the option of opening your door outwards or inwards, or whether to have your handles on the left or right. This makes it possible to have your door swing open and avoid being an obstruction in almost every situation.

image of an aluminium double door

All our Aluminium Hinged Doors offers:

multiple design options

frame colour options

variety of handle choices

multiple configurations

Our Aluminium Single Entrance Doors

Our Single entrance aluminium doors are fabricated to fit your home like a glove, they are light to the touch, silent in operation, durable and add a modern touch and feel to the home. They can be fitted with cladding or glass or both. To simplify things , our agents can be dispatched to your home at no cost, to take measurements and advise you on you available choices before ordering any products

Typical Single Hinged Door Configurations

illustration of an aluminium single entrance door

Single Door

illustration of an aluminium single entrance door with cladding

Single Full-Clad Door

illustration of a classic style aluminium single door

Single Classic Door

illustration of a classic style aluminium single door with cladding

Single Classic Full-Clad Door

Aluminium Double Doors

Double doors also known as French Doors, are two doors hinged on a single frame, that open from the center either inwards or outwards. Aluminium Double doors, are unique, in that they add a highly distinguishable look and feel to your home. The wide open space that you get from double doors communicates a prominent welcoming tone to your guests. Aluminium double doors give you all the same functionality that you would get from a single entry door, but with much more benefit. During social gatherings, aluminium double doors create a focal point, that ushers in your guests to your home.

Our Aluminium Double Doors

Our aluminium double doors are fabricated to exact specifications ensuring a product that fits your home perfectly. High grade aluminium extrusions together with high quality hinges and hardware ensure our exquisite range of aluminium double doors operate smooth and silently, whilst being extremely tough and durable

Aluminium Double Door Configurations

illustration of an aluminium entrance double door

Double Door

illustration of a classic style aluminium entrance double

Classic Double Door

Stable Doors

At first glance, a stable door would resemble a single entry door, except during operation, these doors are split into a top and bottom half. this feature allows you to operate the two halves independently, and the benefits that these features bring suddenly manifest themselvses.

Stable doors allows a cordial flow of fresh air into your home through the top part of your door, whilst the lower part of your door remains shut. This means you dont have to worry about your little one or your pet wondering out the door.

This key feature also allows an amiable view to the outside, natural light to the inside and ventilation that will help keep your home fresh. its popularity speaks for itself.

Stable Door Configurations

illustration of an aluminium stable door

Stable Door

illustration of an aluminium stable door with cladding

Half-Clad Stable Door

All our doors are fabricated using the finest quality aluminium extrusions which are finished with high performing powdercoat applications. Our doors are fitted standard with the high grade hinges and hardware designed specifically for aluminium doors. The hinges and hardware used are tough and durable with strong load-bearing capacity.

This allows alu-outfitters to produce made-to-measure doors that is appealing to look at, that operates silently under ones breathe and is designed to perform excellent against our South African weather.

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